Monday, November 24, 2014

Sweet 'N Spicy

I love spices and I try almost every spice I can get my hands on. Spices boost up the flavor in all your cooking and leave a  lingering scent that caresses our sophisticated noses. I couldn't survive without spices. So , the other day, as I was walking down the alleys of Ayia Sofias street  ( Saint Sophia )  in Old Corfu Town, I happen  to come across a spice  mom and pop type of store, Sweet 'N Spicy.  It looked so homey and friendly I just had to take pictures and write about it.  I don't know what ever prompted the owner of the store to speak to me in English,so glad she did, she was a very sweet Canadian lady, she goes by the name Cathy. Cathy was so helpful, not only did she answer all my questions but somehow she persuaded me to to try Himalayan salt. Of course, today I used it my recipe, I made Spinach rice and it was delicious! That's a whole new post in itself.

    Cathy's  Spice and Herb store. Her decorations very simple, yet very welcoming and friendly.                                                                    





                                 This is Cathy, when she spotted me taking pictures of her cute shop.

I think this is a beautiful idea, spice platter gift, I know I would love it.

Her spice rack, it just screams home. 

Olive oil filled with different accents of flavors. This is also another great gift idea you add in a basket filled with spices.