What I'm about

Hi there, welcome to Momzcuisine, the oldest of three kids, I started cooking at the age of 13.Creating food for family and friends is always a joyous event and being Greek, food and family go hand in hand !!  Cooking is a part of my daily life. I don't assume everyone knows how to cook, so my blog is set up to be easily read, by an expert or an amateur, with a step by step instructions( which I believe are the easiest to follow)  All of my dishes have been tried and tested by family and friends at various occasions.

Food for me is an indulgence, not something to be overlooked and eating together at the table plays a significant role in our daily lives. At Momzcuisine you will find wonderful homemade recipes, some are traditional while others represent a story or a certain time in my life. The common thread is that each recipe is created to be enjoyed and shared. Come and join me on my weekly cooking adventures.

Blogging has been a creative  journey to keep my dad's memory alive. Combining the  food and entrepreneurial skills I acquired from my dad, Momzcuisine was born.

Let me know how your recipes turn out in your Kitchen :)

Feel free to get in touch with me:  mylittlems@hotmail.com