Monday, September 1, 2014

Fresh Well Water - Earth's Treasure

Fresh Well Water 

I was MIA for a few days from all my social media but  it was for a very good cause. Took a short vacation to my dad's hometown, Mathraki. Mathraki, is a tiny island ( a little paradise) it's 45 minutes away off the coast of Corfu. I exposed my children to something new and something real, getting away from all city luxuries and coming here was rejuvenating for them and for myself . This place offers many treasures and one of them is fresh water. As you can see from the picture above we had a fresh water well that was situated in the middle of olive groves. Waking up every morning and bringing water to the house was so refreshing. This was a first time for my kids and they loved it. This was the neighborhood well, the water was so cool and thirst quenching, refrigeration was not needed !

Fresh well water is as natural as you can get and it's safe for consumption. Well water is naturally filtered because of the layers of soil. To obtain fresh water you drill and and it comes through underground aquifers.  Aquifers - geological formation of water.Since the water is naturally filtered it is free of bacteria and chlorine or other chemicals are not needed to make it drinkable. The only maintenance this well has ever had was to close the top door and keep your pail clean. 

I think we should become more aware and gain more knowledge on natural water and ground wells, this is a precious gift that nature has given to us. It's a real pity my family and I don't have  ground water in the city.


This is me at 9 o'clock in the morning bring up the water with the pail. Pure enjoyment of nature's gift to human kind.We shouldn't prolifigate it's a precious resource.

This is the inside of the well it was built over 100 years ago and it's still just as good as the first day it was built. As you can see it was built with rocks from around the area. 



  1. My brother's house gets its water from a drilled well and it tastes wonderful compared to the treated water we have in the city.

  2. It's amazing how we take something like water for granted when so many people don't have access to it. I love the picture of you at the well. That water must have been so refreshing!

  3. My parents house in Canada has well water, but it has tested positive for E-coli a couple of times because of groundwater contamination. So sad to have a well on the property and have to buy drinking water. :(
    What a wonderful experience for your family. Greece is on my bucket list.
    I got here via #BOB(B)

  4. I would love to have a well on my land!

  5. The water was so refreshing my kids drank right out of the pail !!
    Yes, having a well without being able to use it , is a teaser :(

  6. You have some very nice pictures and great article. Well water is so good, well that's my opinion.

  7. I fondly remember my Mom's family having a well where they would take water from every day. Thank you for sharing, Maggie.

  8. I love the olden days. I grew up using all kinds of natural living stuff - no wells though. I could only imagine how good that water tastes!

  9. Zan, the water was so refreshing my kids were drinking out of the pail. It's an isolated island but it's so beautiful to get away from teh tech world once in a while:)