Monday, May 16, 2016

French Fries with a Greek twist


                                               Organic French Fries with a Greek Twist

These are French Fries you can enjoy without feeling guilty. Our homegrown potatoes go directly from the garden and unto our table. Everything tastes so much better when it's home grown it's not only healthier but there's a lot of love that goes into growing your own food. So how do you make French Fries nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside?

Firstly, wash your potatoes really well, then peel. Slice your potatoes to accommodate your taste, we like them skinny, they become crunchier that way. 
Secondly, place them in a container with cold water and allow them to soak for about  1/2 hour then
 pat them dry. If you would like, place your fries in a colander and allow them to drip dry. When dry drizzle them with salt

Thirdly, Add olive oil in your frying pan, 100%  extra virgin olive oil gives your French Fries the extra savoriness and it's ideal for frying because of its limited fatty acids. Your oil should be hot before you add your French Fries. Fry your potatoes until golden brown.

Serve your French Fries with a Greek twist, instead of drenching them in Ketchup, drizzle them with lemon, olive oil,  a pinch of oregano and pepper. You could eat them as is or serve them with olives, either way they are delicious! The lemon and olive oil I used  are also organic, both come from my husband's village. This was a complete organic home meal! 

TIP: Place about 3 paper towels on the platter so the fries can drip the oil before you serve them.


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