Monday, April 18, 2016

Sauteed Beets with their Greens in Garlic

Sauteed Beets with their Greens in Garlic


My mom and grandma taught all of us to eat properly and healthy. I don't eat healthy everyday but I try my best.  Beets, everyone  eats beets but their greens are overlooked and I believe that's a big mistake. They are loaded with potassium, vitamin C, iron and calcium and some more.  If you buy beets and throw away their greens you are making a  gaffe  to your body. The best thing about this recipe is, you can find it year round, it takes about 20 minutes to cook and only 1 main ingredient! What I really love about Beets and their Greens is the sweet, savory taste they leave in your mouth.

When you buy beets and their Greens you get two vegetables for the price of one, it's fantastic, you can chop up the greens and add them to your salad and boil the beet root eat with olive oil and vinegar or lemon.  See two for one. 

  • 2.2 pounds beets and their greens
  • olive oil 
  • garlic cloves
  • salt & pepper
  • vinegar

The way I love to eat them is sauteed with garlic in olive oil

1) Take one bunch of beets with their greens or 2.2 pounds and clean them. Cut the beet root off, peel them like you would an apple, run cold water over them, quarter them in 4 pieces and place in a pot with water. 

2)Clean your greens get rid of any discolored greens cut them in half, place in bowl and wash them at least 4 times. Allowing your greens to rest in the water for about 10 minutes or so between washes.

3) Add your greens in the water with beets. Boil on high, allow them to cook until the greens are almost tender.( don't over boil) Drain them in a colander when they are ready.

4) Add olive oil to a pan,olive oil should almost cover your pan, allow oil to heat up and add your chopped up garlic, then add your greens saute for about 5 minutes, add salt & pepper to taste. 

5) Sprinkle with vinegar and serve.I prefer to use balsamic vinegar. 

A taste of this and I guarantee you, your taste buds will be dancing! 

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