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Greek Garlic Potato Dip a.k.a Skordalia


Greek Garlic Potato Dip a.k.a Skordalia

Greek garlic potato dip a.k.a Skordalia is  another Greek traditional recipe. It's name is taken from the word skordo which means garlic, hence skordalia and if you are a garlic lover, then this dish is perfect for you, it's potent, so make sure you have extra mints lying around :) This is a dish that is usually made on Greek Independance Day, at our our house we made it a few times more. It was my dad's favorite and of course mine so we didn't wait till holidays came around, any day was a good day for skordalia. My sweet mom would never make enough. We would always wipe the bowl clean! Back in the days when blenders were not known  they used a pestle and mortar, yes we had one in the house and that's how my mom made Greek garlic potato dip ( skordalia) I use a mixer blender. If you are using a pestle and mortar for Greek Garlic potato dip ( skordalia), I suggest you use a wooden one, stone is too heavy and let me not forget when using these tools it's a bit more time consuming but for some reason it tastes better.
This garlic dip is usually served with boiled cod fish or beer battered cod fish with a side dish of beets. Variation servings with bread, vegetables, bread sticks etc. Skordalia is very simple to make all you need is potato, garlic and olive oil.  If you do a google sreach you will find many variations. Some use bread, almonds,  walnuts and lemon but this is the way it was made traditionally. Greek Garlic Potato Dip is usually served with a white wine or Retsina 

Greek Garlic Potato Dip 

  • 2.2 pounds potatoes
  • 5 garlic cloves ( crushed or minced)
  • 1/3 cup of olive oil
  • salt to taste
  • Rustic bread  to spread your dip on

Peel and boil your potatoes on high until tender and mashable. If you us e a mixer place your garlic with 1/3 cup olive oil and chop up your garlic add your potatoes and mix. Empty out the mix into a bowl. Add your next batch of potatoes in the mixer, mix and add them to the garlic mix, add salt for taste.  Repeat the process until you are finished with the potatoes. Serve them with boiled cod fish and beets or beer battered cod fish.

If you use a pestle and mortar mash you garlic and slowly add your potatoes, you will have to remove them when it fills and then you repeat the process without the garlic. The more garlic you add the more potent it will become. Enjoy! Kale Orexi!! One more tasty recipe from my kitchen to yours :)

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