Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zucchini Pie a.k.a kolokithopita

This is a mommy's dish, my mommy is the best! This originates from a little island called Mathraki seven miles away from Corfu, my island of residency.  A sweet, warm loving lady who just cooked away to please her family and made sure we always had something cooked. She taught me the basics of cooking and all her little kitchen secrets. Coming home from school with my siblings and walking up to the house we could smell the aroma the pie from the driveway, it's a sweet dish. I dedicate this post to her. I have made this pie many times but it always seems that my mommy's always tastes  better !! I love you mom for all you've done for all of us ! 

6 pounds of zucchinis ( should make 2 large pizza pans ) 
3 - 4  pounds of onions 
1 teaspoon of oregano 
1 teaspoon mint
1 1/2 cup flour ( depends)
* 2 eggs ( depends) 
salt & pepper to taste
red pepper
Olive Oil 

Cut the zucchini and your onions up in tiny pieces by hand ( do not use a cutting machine it will turn watery ) I have tried this, I love to use pots to mix ingredients.

Mix all the ingredients together, beat the eggs separately and add it to mixture. 
* TIP, if you are vegetarian you can omit the eggs. Start adding flour slowly and mixing until all ingredients are bound together, be careful not to add too much flour or it will become tasteless, just enough until it looks thickened. Also add less than  1/3 cup olive oil in the mixture, salt and pepper to taste.

I have showed you in a previous post how to make your dough. Before placing it in the pan, brush it with olive oil. The rolled out dough should overlay the pan so  you will be able to make your crust.

My mommy is making the pie,add your mixture. Your mixture should cover the whole pan, don't try to make it thick. she's turning the pan counter clock wise and turning the dough inside making the crust. it's real simple once you get the hang of it.

 Then create your crust and sprinkle your crust with olive oil and sprinkle the pie with red pepper, you can put spicy or mild red pepper I use spicy red pepper. It' will be the  sweetest dish you've ever had. Bake in your  oven for 45 minutes at 356 Fahrenheit

My mommy's pie is ready and I'm sharing it with you. One taste and you will have seconds and thirds and etc. KALE OREXI !! 

TIP: If  your not sure if the bottom is baked take a fork and lift it up from the sides. If you have any questions about this recipe or any other recipe, feel free to contact me !!