Sunday, January 31, 2016

Party Planning

                                How Party Planning could get you an OMG  ovation!

Let's face it parties are a part of our life whether we are planning a small party or a big party. For some, planning an event can be overwhelming and a mind boggling task. I have been planning home parties and other events ever since I can remember. Planning a party with 40, 50, 60 or even 100 people isn't really all that complicated, in fact I find it as a fun and exciting project, the cleaning up is the difficult part. So, Where to begin for your next house event? Food? Guests? Decorations, oh! a whole lot  to do and no time. It's  just so tiring thinking about it. You don't have the necessary funds to hire a planner so it's all you. Arrgghh! Hold on and keep reading and make your next house event look like a professional did it!

When you plan your party:

1) Make a check list, This is a must! I can't emphasize it enough- this has helped me tremendously and of course I always carry it around. Actually, I have a clip board and I attach my check list to it. TIP: I write in black pen and I check off in red.Learned this in grade school!

2) Two months in advance make out your guest lists, make calls see who will be able to attend. This is the part where I say mail out invites, nope, if it's not a christening or wedding I like to make direct calls and have this settled by the end of the second month. And I always tell them if anything comes up to give me a call, of course without saying you leave your phone number. If they don't call, give a reminder call two weeks prior to the party. By the end of the two months you should have all your guests finalized.

3) Chose a theme for your party, all parties have a theme. A party without a theme is a like a martini without olives. Your theme could be simple it doesn't have to be complicated. Don't get bent out of shape to search for  a theme. You can do flowers , butterflies, cars, etc I hope you get the idea.

4) One month in advance plan your food menu. Write it out and spend time on it.Food is always a starter for conversation, so make every minute worth it. I always start with hors d'ouevres and a few main dishes. TIP: When preparing your food always keep in mind the type of guests you're inviting to the party: adults,children or elderly. At all my parties I always prepare a buffet it's convenient for all and most important you are spending time with your guest and not fussing around in the kitchen with an apron. So you are enjoying your party.

5) Plan any activities for your guests. A party without an activity, is as stale as bread. A party needs inspiration, motivation for Fun! Fun! Fun!

6) Once you have your menu down, write out all  the ingredients you need, make a list of all supplies, decorations and buffet arrangements you might need.

7) A) Two weeks in advance plan your freezer meals B) make a list of all decorations, accessories and kitchen utensils you might need.

8) One week ahead - A) cook your freezer meals, so they are ready to cook the day of the party.B) Check and see if you need any extra plates, glasses, forks,knives, spoons etc.  C) Also, in the last week  also check just for any last minute adjustments. D) Start to clean your house.

9)  Two days ahead start to set your decorations and see if you need any last minute improvements.

10) Two to three  hours before your guests arrive set time aside for yourself to get ready.

And the finale!  A) Greet your guests with a welcome drink and enjoy the PARTY! B) When your guest leave,  have a small favor ready, this leaves a lasting impression and will remember your party with sweet memories.

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