Thursday, October 9, 2014


Lemon Drops Tip

A few days ago as I was watching a morning show while I was cooking. On the show they had this really nice idea and I wanted to share it with you my readers and my followers. Have you ever wanted just a few drops of lemon juice without cutting your lemon in half ?

Take your lemon with your knife, make a slice in the center of the lemon ( a smiling face) then place it in your palms and squeeze, you will see drops of lemon. Your lemon will not dry up and you can use it again.  I hope this was a helpful tip. 


  1. Oh, that IS a helpful tip, thank you! I had not seen it done this way before!

  2. Excellent tip! I can't tell you how many lemons have fallen victim at my house for cutting them completely. Thanks.

    Life With Lorelai

  3. Woohoo!! So glad you linked this up the best from your blog this week at our Bewitchin Projects block party! Be sure to come back again on Sunday starting at 6am EST over at to link up your projects again--the linky party runs from Sunday to Thursday each week :D


~Cathy Mini~

  4. Thank you Cathy :) I will be glad to stop by again at your linkup.