Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gourmet Olives

                                                 Gourmet Olives

Everyone knows about Kalamata olives but no one knows about Corfiot Olives or as I call them Gourmet Olives.Why I call them gourmet ? Because they are tiny in size but they are packed with flavor, once your pallet gets the olive zing it will be singing for more !

Corfu has hundreds of olive groves,olives are a vital part of the island's economy. The process of harvesting these gourmet olives is literally a backbreaking effort. Almost, the entire time you are bent belly over to hand pick the olives from the ground. Most of the younger generations are gearing away from this because of the manual labor that's involved. The olives are collected by the beating of stick on a tree (some places lately use an olive shaker ) Thank God ! When they are shaken they fall to the ground on a  large black net. In Corfu, most olive farmers allow them to fall naturally by rain or wind.  When they are on the net they are swept and sometimes picked by hand cleaned and ready to be collected to be taken to an olive press for oil. Olives that are not used for olive oil, are taken and placed in brine and when they  are ready, they become starters at our table !! My mouth waters as I write about them.

Corfu is not the only island with tiny olives, other places in Greece have them as well. I just don't know why they aren't as popular as Kalamata olives because they are so delicious !!!!

These pictures were taken at my parents' hometown ( Mathraki)

This olive tree is right outside our yard. 

Look closely and you will see the olives growing, some are slightly beginning to ripen.

And here is my little bowl with my gourmet olives. If you would like you can sprinkle them with vinegar and olive and of course you should have some Greek bread, fresh preferably. :) 

KALE OREXI !! From my kitchen to yours !