Sunday, July 27, 2014

Farmer's Salad a.k.a Horiatiki Salata

Farmer's Salad, is exactly what the title states, right from the garden and into your dish. Known to Greeks as, Horiatiki Salata ( here I go with my Greek words again ;) ) the word horiatiki , means village. In Greece the salad was made from whatever the villagers grew, this was the inception of organic food. In most restaurants it's very well know as Greek Salad.  It's simple, refreshing and most of all  healthy.

I grew up in Queens, my mom always had a small garden in our backyard and each summer we had a horiatiki salata on our table. My dad had a smile on his face when  my mom's tomato patch was ripe and ready for the table.

All my ingredients are right from my mother - in - law's garden even the oregano. 



1 fresh cucumber
1 fresh tomato
1 fresh green bell pepper
1/2 onion fresh or regular
1 teaspoon oregano
* some feta cheese to dress it up ( optional ) 
salt to taste 
vinegar and olive oil to dash on top 

Cut your cucumber, tomato, onion and pepper in a bowl. First, add salt and vinegar. Secondly, cut your feta cheese and place on top of salad. Finally, pour olive oil over feta and then sprinkle with oregano. Your horiatiki salata is ready !! Kale Orexi