Saturday, January 17, 2015

Honey - The World Leader

                                               Honey- The World Leader

Honey Has versatile uses, in recipes, for illnesses, in cosmetics, and  in marriage ceremonies. Honey is a golden rich nectar representing how sweet life and love is. It is also high on amino acids,peptide, so it can be digested even by the most sensitive stomachs, and it's packed with vitamins.

Weddings - Going back to 4,000 years ago during the 5th century. The bride and groom were given "mead" ( "the honey") it was mixture wine, water and honey. An alcoholic liquor   or otherwise known as ( the drink of love) - it was believed to have aphrodisiac properties and it enhanced the fertility of the couple. The mead was given  to the groom by the bride's father. The couple had to drink this during there first month of marriage daily or as they would say,  a lunar month. By drinking this daily the couple was reassured that they would have sons. If this so happened they would congratulate the maker about the quality of the mead.

On the Babaylon's calendar it was called a lunar month and when the couple got married they called it the "honey month " and slowly as the years passed it has becme known as we know it today "Honeymoon" .

Honey has the first place in Greek traditions, when the bride and groom first enter the groom's house, before the bride is taken over the threshold, she is fed honey by her mother - in- law so their relations be filled with sweetness and love. This tradition varies from community to community. In some communities the bride and groom serve each other honey with walnuts on silver spoons.

Food and honey - When we cook with honey we are providing our bodies with  antioxidants, nutrients and natural energy.The best way ( according to me) is eating it raw with Fage  Greek yoghurt. I love this combination it's nutritious and fullfilling. This recipe is filled with vitamins and it keeps you filled. Honey can also be substituted for a sweetner, as a jam, or you can eat directly as is from the jar.

Cosmetics- Honey is has been used as beauty treatment for many centuries, before cerans were invented women used honey and milk as a facial to prevent wrinkles and keep their skin soft. It's benefits to the cosmetic world are countless.

Illness- When you have a bit of soar throat 1 teaspoon and 10 -15 drops of fresh lemon, will do the trick. I laways do this for my kids, it works.  When you have an inactive wound, use honey,  the healing process is quickened. What happend is, it triggers the wound tissues to quickly start the healing process in dormant wounds. This was widely known remedy in past times but later on antibiotics became more trendy and honey wasn't used but now there is medical research and honey is returning back as a dormant healer.

TIP: The  darker honey is richer in flavor, and antioxidants.

On a personal note, I love honey in all its variations and I couldn't live without it and neither would my family. I thank nature for this gift.

Here's a quick morning recipe:

1 tablespoon of honey I prefer to use Attiki honey, but I also use local organic honey.
1 glass of warm milk
Mix and drink

You are ready and energized for your day ahead !