Friday, January 2, 2015

Mushrooms a la creme


                                                 Mushrooms a la creme 

While taking a vacation on the beautiful island of Paxos, just 14 kilometers away from Corfu, a paradise that hasn't been touched by time. My dearest friend, Christiana, treated me to her father's personal dish, mushroom a la creme, at their family tavern,Yiannis Tavern. Although, the tavern has been closed down due to Yianni's retirement ( her dad), his mushroom recipe still lives on. To this day this is a must at all my events ! 

Cooking Directions

                            Wash your mushrooms thoroughly I scrub then with a soft sponge.

Once you have washed your mushrooms, cut the bottom of the stem and slice thinly.

Place all sliced mushrooms in your pan add your butter and saute for about 10 minutes.

After you have sauted your mushrooms, add your onions, garlic, bayleaf and parsley, saute for another 10 - 15 minutes.

Salt and pepper to taste 

When they are ready, remove bayleaf, add your bluecheese, then your wine, if you want it spicier add more wine and blue cheese, finally add your creamed milk. Bluecheese should melt thoroughly.

I always serve this on a teapot warmer. * If you have leftovers and you want to reheat it, just add creamed milk.

 You can melt the bluecheese on a stove and serve immediately or you can use a tealight warmer and allow it for about 1/2 before you serve. This is a great dish as a starter for buffet or family dinners, place it in the center of your table and your guests will be amazed. I never have any leftovers. Another great dish from my kitchen to yours !! 


The serene and picturesque island of Paxos